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Make a Splash at Harvard College!

Hosted by the Harvard Undergraduate Studies in Education (HUSE), Splash is a weekend-long program for high school students to come to Harvard's campus and take classes taught by Harvard undergraduates. We are hosting an online Splash happening on April 23, 10 am-12:15 pm, and April 24, 1-3:15 pm. Our mission is to build excitement for teaching and learning! Students get to take classes not traditionally offered in a high school curriculum and teachers get to teach on any topic they're passionate about.

How to sign up:

By April 17: Register for an account on here! (Link has been updated!) Students will be admitted on a on a first-come-first serve basis. Any classes with open spots can be joined on a first-come-first serve basis
Starting April 17: Add your classes here!
By TBD: Receive your full schedule and participate on April 23 and 24!

All students MUST send signed waivers to splashharvard@gmail.com or else you won't be able to attend the program. Here are the waivers for students [UNDER AGE 18] and [18 YEARS OR OLDER].

If you're a high school student and interested in learning, click on the Learn tab.
If you're a Harvard undergrad and interested in teaching, click on the Teach tab.To learn more about Harvard Splash or HUSE, click on the About Us tab.