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About Harvard Splash

Harvard Splash is run by Harvard Undergraduate Studies in Education (HUSE). Harvard Splash joined the Learning Unlimited network in January 2019. However, all programming is planned by Harvard undergraduate students.

The goal of Harvard Splash and similar programs is to make both teaching and learning opportunities more readily available. Through Splash, college students have the chance to teach a course on any topic they are passionate about and high school students have the chance to come on a college campus and take classes not traditionally taught in a high school curriculum.

We especially want to invite underserved schools and student populations to participate in Splash. We increase access by offering financial aid to those for whom the registration fee poses a serious financial burden. If you can’t make it to our program, check out all the Splashes part of the Learning Unlimited network.

About Harvard Undergraduate Studies in Education (HUSE)

Harvard Undergraduate Studies in Education (HUSE) is an officially recognized Independent Student Organization (ISO) of Harvard College. An ISO is defined as “a recognized group of Harvard College students who unite to promote or celebrate a common interest or talent in ways that are separate from formal course study.”

HUSE’s mission is twofold. First, we run an annual Splash to promote the love of learning to high school students by introducing them to classes that are traditionally not taught in a high school curriculum. High school participants also get a chance to visit Harvard’s campus and experience what it’s like to learn in a college classroom.

Second, we want to boost awareness of career options in education on Harvard’s campus through our various events held for undergraduates throughout the year.

2020-2021 HUSE Executive Board =================
President: Meiyi Yu ‘22 is studying chemistry and sociology. She likes eating Oreos without the cream. She is looking forward to running a virtual Splash!

Vice President: Irene Ju ’24 is studying Classics and Psychology at Harvard College. She hopes to become a college professor in the future and loves working with students.

Campus Events: Justin Hu '24 is planning to concentrate in Social Studies and Music. He is involved in the Task Force for Asian American Progressive Advocacy and Studies (TAPAS), and is interested in helping make education more inclusive and culturally relevant.

Campus Events: Garrett Rolph ‘21 is concentrating in Government with a secondary in Education Studies. His fun fact is that he once ran 21 miles just because he got angry. He’s really looking forward to hosting new and engaging campus events this year!

Finance: Leilani Wesley ’23 is concentrating in economics with a secondary in education. She is looking forward to teaching fun classes at Splash at Harvard!

Operations: David Chen ’24 is still exploring concentrations but is planning on a secondary in educational studies. He is interested in creative education and quotes Sir Ken Robinson daily. In HUSE, he is looking forward to developing projects that bring student stories together on their K-12 experiences. Programming: Ryan O’Malley ‘22 is studying integrative biology and educational studies at Harvard. She is excited to see how Splash at Harvard can be even more impactful in an online format!

Student Relations: Hahn Lheem '24 is concentrating in mathematics, but has very strong interest in areas like film studies and music. He has enjoyed being able to teach many students online during this pandemic, and he is looking forward to organizing an event where many other teachers can experience the same fulfillment!

Student Relations: Truong Nguyen '23 is concentrating in psychology with a secondary in educational studies. This past summer, Truong produced his own podcast about college during the quarantine. He is looking forward to potentially teach a class and work to improve student's experience at virtual Splash this year.

Technology: Gene Lee ’24 is planning on concentrating in Computer Science. He plans to become a lawyer with expertise in Computer Science and Education, and he is looking forward to seeing Splash grow even more at Harvard.

2019 HUSE Executive Board

President and Co-Founder: Amy Tan '20 is studying sociology and economics at Harvard College. She participated in Splash when she was a high school student, so she is excited to run the first Splash at Harvard this year!

Executive Director and Co-Founder: Chengru Long '20 is concentrating in social studies with a focus in education and ethics. She is looking forward to running the inaugural Harvard Splash!

Executive Director and Co-Founder: Justin Hancock '21 is studying math and educational studies at Harvard. He’s looking forward to seeing all of the unique classes at the first Splash at Harvard!

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