Come to Splash at Harvard!

Splash 2022 is here!

All students MUST send signed waivers to or else you won't be able to attend the program. Here are the waivers for students [UNDER AGE 18] and [18 YEARS OR OLDER].

Join hundreds of other high schoolers in taking classes taught by Harvard students on a variety of topics not traditionally taught in a high school curriculum. View the Spring 2022 class catalog here! From music theory to the history of Russian ballet to aircraft analysis, Splash has dozens of classes to offer that may deepen your knowledge on a subject you already love or uncover a new passion in both small intensive seminars and large lectures. You choose what kind of amazing learning experience you want to get out of Splash!

Program Details

WHO: 9th-12th graders

WHEN: April 23, 10 am-12:15 pm, to April 24, 1-3:15 pm

HOW:  By April 17: Register for an account on this google form! Students will be admitted on a on a first-come-first serve basis. Any classes with open spots can be joined on a first-come-first serve basis
Starting April 17: Add your classes here!
By TBD: Receive your full schedule and participate on April 23 and 24!

WAIVERS: To attend the program, each student MUST send the completed and signed waivers to Here are the waivers for students [UNDER AGE 18] and [18 YEARS OR OLDER].  

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