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ALYVIA BRUCE, Harvard Sophomore Studying Government

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Alyvia Bruce is a sophomore at Harvard College. She is from Charlotte, Michigan (a very small, rural town).  Alyvia is pursuing a joint concentration in Government and History, with a secondary in Education, and two language citations (in Spanish and in American Sign Language). As a first-generation college student, Alyvia is extremely passionate about increasing international access to educational and technological resources for students. 
On campus, Alyvia is actively involved in Harvard’s Model UN program as a director for HMUN China and Under Secretary General for regional bodies. Outside of MUN, Alyvia volunteers with a mentorship group for young girls in the Boston/Cambridge area, and she is also involved in the Harvard Political Review and Harvard Model Congress. In her free time, she can be found drinking coffee, and online shopping or playing with her Cavachon puppy, Czarina.

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H97: Global Educational Inequalities and Technology Disparities During COVID-19 in Splash Spring 2021 (Apr. 17 - 18, 2021)
This class will discuss and explore how COVID-19 has shed light on massive educational inequalities and technology disparities throughout the world as well as exploring long and short term solutions. The intended purpose on this class is to show students that people around the world are suffering (most even more after the pandemic than before) and that they—the students—have the power to invoke change, even if it’s in their own communities. This will be approached with a MUN teaching style and students will have the opportunity to debate and discuss the issues presented in order to come up with an actionable plan that they can act on in the coming months to help disadvantaged students in their own communities overcome these educational gaps.