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COLBY MEEKS, Harvard First-Year Studying English

Major: English

College/Employer: Harvard

Year of Graduation: 2025

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Colby is a first-year student at Harvard studying English. Coming from Alabama, he is interested in the literary folk traditions of the South, particularly in poetics and verse, and would name both Hank Williams, Sr. and Ashley M. Jones amongst his favorite contributors to southern literary canon. Outside of academics, Colby is a poet and writer with a passion for creating and protecting spaces making arts education accessible for everyone.

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A110: The Politics of the Honky Tonk: the Inextricability of Country Music and Progressive Ideologies in Splash Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 23 - 24, 2022)
This course will briefly and broadly explore the evolution of country music from its inception in the Honky Tonk towards contemporary sounds and songs of the genre through tracing progressive ideologies in the genre. From "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" to "The Pill" to "Follow Your Arrow" the class will explore how country music has pushed against conservatism since its inception.