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LUCAS CHU, serial non-profit founder

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College/Employer: Harvard

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Hi! My name is Lucas.
I study economics and course 6 at MIT.
On campus, I'm a part of the Harvard Political and Economic Review, the AACF, and Active Minds.
On the institution side, I’m also a part of metalab, i-Labs, Memorial Church, and the FAS Standing Committee on Public Service. Off-campus, I run erevna, a hackathon-hosting nonprofit supporting thousands of student researchers.

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X102: Start a start-up in Splash Spring 2021 (Apr. 17 - 18, 2021)
Ever had an idea that you wish existed? In this hour, you'll learn a little about the why, when, how, what, where, and who of startups. Tentative Plan: 0-5: Introductions 5-15: Improv pitching 15-30: Best practices 30-40: Breakout rooms 35-50: 2 minute pitches 50-60: Judging and Next steps