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HENRY KUO, Harvard Sophmore studying CS & Neuroscience

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I'm a Sophomore at Harvard University joint concentrating in Computer Science and Neuroscience. My academic interest is in understanding and finding ways to mimic biological intelligence. I have experience in reinforcement learning/machine learning research, theory of Computer Science, and full-stack web development. I am also interested in education and solving social problems. Outside of school and work, playing the piano is one of my greatest passions. I'm a proud member of Eliot House and the Taiwanese Cultural Society.

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M121: Cryptography: The Art of "Secret Writing"? in Splash Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 23 - 24, 2022)
Can I convince you that something exists without revealing any other information? How about manipulating data secured in a black box without unlocking it? What does it mean to be able to securely communicate information between parties? The course will start out with an interactive session to demonstrate what "secure" means in cryptography. Next, we will introduce some traditional methods in cryptography, including private and public-key encryption. Finally, modern cryptographic schemes such as zero-knowledge proofs, fully homomorphic encryption, multiparty secure computation, software obfuscation, and ethics will be discussed. This course is meant to pique people's interest in the vast field of cryptography, not a comprehensive introduction to cryptography. Some formal notations will be omitted. Furthermore, we will focus on the mathematical tools of cryptography, and the security of implementing cryptographic algorithms will not be discussed. As always, please do not implement/invent your own cryptographic tools after taking this course!